Less than Truckload (LTL)

This is a reliable and economic service which involves consolidating multiple shipments along different terminals across the country.  This service utilizes live time tracking and scanning, every time your shipment reaches the next terminal along its route to your destination.  The most cost-effective mode to move your Tradeshow Goods, this is not to be confused with Common Carrier LTL.  This service is not deferred like many other LTL services.  It is time critical, often less than 5 days transit depending on its Origin and Destination.  Accessorials available; liftgate, pallet jack, inside, skidding & wrapping, etc.

Full Truckload (FTL)

Usually reserved for large shipments that require 20’ or more of floor space.  Also utilized for “High Value” commodity shipments or delicate commodity shipments to eliminate the need of trans loading or reduce handling.  This mode often includes $100,000 of cargo liability insurance as the LTL service does not.(Please enquire with your sales Rep for details.)

Air Freight

The most Time Critical of services  Includes “Overnight Service” or “Second day Service.”  Often times, this is utilized on Show to Show shipments that just do not allow enough transit over the road.  Some size restriction may  apply.


ETI has storage facilities in every major city across the country.  If you have multiple booths and exhibit in multiple shows in the same city throughout the year, you should enquire about storing one of your booths in that location to eliminate handling, time and expenses.

Cargo Insurance

ETi can insure your goods through our “Open Cargo” Policy.  Certificates provided upon request.  Insurance is subject to approval and conditions.  A Packing List and 24 hour notice is required. See more details